Car Repair – Identifying the General Location of Abnormal Vibration

When it comes to car repair, it’s important to identify a problem early on, and determine it’s general location or origins. Many failures are precipitated by vibration, and this can provide useful clues. Have you ever felt your car shaking or vibrating? Sure you have. We’ve all felt something like it at one time or another. The two things we need to identify is where the vibration is coming from and the cause. We may need to leave the identification of cause to a mechanic, but we can certainly help locate its origin with a little detective work.
Here’s a simple way of determining the general location of vibration. If you feel it in the:

steering wheel, then it’s coming from the front end of the vehicle;

seat of your pants, then it’s coming from the rear end of the vehicle.

Your mechanic will be better able to find the exact cause of the vibration, but here are likely culprits:

thrown wheel weight

tread separation

snow or mud adhering to the inside of the wheels

loose steering linkage

worn or loose bearings

loose or missing lug nuts

No matter the cause, common sense would dictate that you try to identify the cause soon after recognizing the symptoms of vibration that indicate an abnormality. And, if you’re not experienced at car repair, then get some help to identify where the symptoms are coming from before they exhibit themselves in the form of a failure that leaves you alongside of the road.

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