What Are Side Curtain Air Bags?

If you were alive and driving a vehicle just a couple of decades ago, the introduction of the air bag seemed like a silly thing. Really? A bag could save you from serious injury and not prevent more injury from its deployment? Actually, yes. And when the first airbags proved to be so successful, manufacturers and safety experts continued to investigate ways to expand airbags and make vehicles even safer in crashes. The result they came up with is side curtain air bags.
Side curtain airbags are exactly what they sound like. When the vehicle is in a crash, an air bag is deployed from each side of the vehicle to protect the driver and the passengers. The side air bag is deployed when the front and passenger side airbags are deployed.
Side air bags have shown significant decreases in injuries in people driving cars and mini-vans. So why aren’t they included in all vehicles? Mostly because they aren’t required to be yet. Adding them in also makes for more expense and some owners don’t care about having side protection as long as they have it in the front. But they should because it could make a huge difference in the injuries received for everyone..
Side air curtain air bags protect the side and back of a driver and the passengers. The crash could be a head on collision, it could be a side impact crash or it could even be a rear-end job. The sudden deployment of the side airbag can prevent whiplash injuries, serious injuries to the side and even protect from glass and pieces coming in to the vehicle from the impact.
Side curtain airbags are becoming very important for smaller cars and convertibles that haven’t traditionally had good safety records. But with stronger steel frames, front and side airbags, smaller cars are becoming just as safe as larger vehicles and mini-vans. Side curtain airbags are getting installed on more and more models of cars and may soon become a requirement for all cars if they continue to show such drastic decreases in injuries during accidents.
The side curtain airbags are deployed out of the side column where the seat belt is attached. The airbag is deployed when there is a side, rear or front end collision and the other airbags are deployed. The deployment is so sudden that even if it is a split second behind the initial airbags in the front, it is still enough to save a life in a violent crash. Most people would prefer to have the safety feature over saving a couple of hundred dollars on a new car that they have to pay for in the first place anyway.